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Raising the legs in the vise (on the bar)

Raising the legs in the vise (on the bar) is the most powerful and probably the most effective exercise for the press from all presented, the exercise number one. Abdominal muscles being worked out completely, with all kinds of loads, in addition, by changing the angle of flexion of the pelvis, you can work out well and obliques. Unfortunately, many do not make it in the first place because of the weakness of grip when it is impossible for a long time kept on the bar – fingers get tired faster than the press, and laziness inherent in every living person. However, the first problem can be solved by using of brush belts, and the second – the stimulation, for example, the beginning of the beach season.
Raising the legs in the vise (on the bar) Involved muscles: the rectus abdominis, obliques.

Secondary: comb muscle, the iliopsoas muscle.

Variations: you can bend your knees at a certain angle and can do straight leg lifts. In the latter case the load falls on the muscles of the thigh, but the lower part of the press stiffens slightly more.

Technique: go to the bar, bouncing, grab it with both hands about shoulder width apart. It is important that you do not vise feet touched the floor, so adjust the bar to suit your growth – it should be about 10cm. above arm. So starting position – in vise on the bar, arms fully unfolded at the elbows, back straight.
Take a deep breath and inhale slightly relegating first lap back, force abdominal muscles lift them above the waist, along with all the basin. With a small range of motion at a press load is much smaller, so do not let yourself relax, no matter how difficult you may be.

Raising the legs in the vise (on the bar) at the top to give an additional effort to press, cut it even more, and quietly immerse the foot down, preferably without straightening their knees.
Over time, as the weight of their own feet is not enough you will try to do the exercise with a dumbbell or disks attached to the shin.
Exercise is for experienced athletes, beginners well and those who can not yet perform it, it is recommended to start preparing to lift leg-ups – it’s easier, less exhausting, and allows for a long time to maintain a positive attitude to training.


How to enter the French university

Despite the fact that in France, to the prospective students are presented the same requirements, regardless of their nationality, as well as the fact that the government has allocated a lot of money each year on education, enroll in a French university is difficult. Particularly important in this case that the decision about the recognition of the level of education already received by the applicant (or higher school) equivalent required for admission in each case, the Commission takes on an individual basis.

Today, there are several ways of entering into French universities. The first is the easiest from a formal point of view and involves getting the French BAC – Bachelor’s diploma. This document is a wholly omissions in any university, but you can get it only after passing the exam at the end of the French Lyceum, showing excellent results. All of this takes a lot of time and involves training in France for at least 5-8 years.

But there are other options. A person who knows for sure what it is he wants to go university to study, must at least send a letter to the selection committee. In this letter, in the form of detailed applicant should state the reasons that prompted him to choose a particular school, tell us about yourself. Chance to get a positive response is greatly increased in those who studied for at least a year or two in college and the country is willing to accept to become a freshman again, already the French.

Should a student like the members of the selection committee, they will send an invitation to pass the test on knowledge of the French language DALF. But in order to be admitted to the exam, will have to pass a pre-test at least difficult, to become the owner of the diploma about the study of the French language. Knowledge of the language is the main, which requires the student – in this case do not have to sit and learn on their own tutorial Autocad or solve complex problems in physics and chemistry. The student should be familiar with the French language, and everything else he will study in accordance with the chosen program of study and specialization in the high school (if you go).

Many universities provide preparatory courses for the study of the French language and other subjects foreigners. The emphasis in all of these programs is on the mastery of spoken French. Each student who stands exam after completing the course and successfully passes it can become a student of this university.

Over the past few years, many higher education institutions (mostly private) create master programs, which can learn the English language. These programs focus exclusively on foreigners and designed for about a year or two of training. Accepted for training graduates who speak English. To enter the study, you must provide a diploma, academic information about the courses taken and the resulting assessment, the result of test-taking TOEFL (700 points) or IELTS (7.0 points). In some cases, examination in English can arrange the school itself.